The start of my North Star journey…Week 1

23/01/17 the star of a new adventure! After being at college for the past 3 years beforehand not knowing what career path to take this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me when it arrived, so far that is what it’s turning out to be. I previously did the Princes Trust level 2 course where I found out that North Star were looking to hire two new apprentices,one in the customer service side of things the other in Digital Communications and PR. As part of the course it was a requirement that you completed a two-week work placement in order to pass and of course I chose North Star where they would get the chance to see how I worked….god help them, but turns out it wasn’t a disaster since I’m now doing a one year digital communications and PR apprenticeship with them.

Going further back I did an information and technology level 3 college course and passed but I soon learnt that’s not the road I wanted to take so I hit a brick wall in terms of finding a career path, Until I was recommended to do the Princes Trust course where I met members of the North Star team during a presentation, later in the course I then had my interview with them and again met Laura Wood the lead for Digital Communications and PR ¬†who is now my manager… I know I feel sorry for me too but jokes aside I don’t think I could have had a better choice for a first manager and looking forward to see what the year brings.

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