Why Housing is a good place to start your career!

Although people might not realise it, there are a vast amount of different job roles within a housing organisation, so if you start in one department you get the chance to experience what it’s like in other areas such as; housing, finance, I.T, people services, communications, customer services and community investment. So when you are just starting a career it’s handy to see what goes on around the whole organisation and get an idea of the different departments that make the business what it is, along with building connections with people at the same time.

There are chances to go on visits with housing officers, take part in projects with the community investment team and you get to go on conferences that interest you. So having these opportunities allow you to gain transferable skills which you can take into future job roles and experiences that you can include on your CV. Along with this the apprenticeships are unique in the sense that while you are learning on the job, you also go to college and learn more about what goes into your role and things that you can contribute back to the business which they might not have implemented already, they are also well structured because when you start, you don’t just get thrown into the deep end which you might in other organisations.

They do this by having weekly catch ups with your line manager which slowly turn into monthly one to one’s so you can see how you are doing progress wise and how you are settling in.


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