National Apprenticeship week

So with it being national apprenticeship week, my manager thought it would be a good idea to do a blog celebrating it; So since I started 6 weeks ago I have already learnt so much in such as short space of time; from being trusted to post on the organisations social media to attending different conferences in places such as Leeds and Durham. Each has helped me progress within this role which I can take into different job opportunities. I am trusted to be an admin on North Star Housing’s website, to add new news stories then share them on social media, add new properties that need advertising and post them on Facebook since our tenants are more Facebook based. I monthly update the company’s social media analytics and have started to set my own goals for each month that I will be able to take into future interviews as a way of comparing from when I started to where they are when I finish.

I previously spent 2 years doing an I.T BTEC level 3 course where I decided that’s not the career path I wanted to take, so I went onto the Princes Trust level 2 course where I was hoping to gain more of an idea of where I wanted to go, which I did and it’s where I found out about the digital communications and PR apprenticeship with North Star. The best thing about this role is that there’s always something to do and the work never stops. People might not think it but apprenticeships are a good place to start if you are unsure on what career path you want to take, especially in housing because there are more opportunities than you may expect. Apprenticeships let you learn and earn at the same time whilst building your confidence in the workplace, giving you valuable skills and experiences which can help you in your future career. North Star has really helped me grow as an individual which I am grateful for and they have taken my opinions into account which you might not find in other organisations when you are just starting out.






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