The journey continues…Week 3

So this week was a mixture of different things from; inductions to signing up to college to then going to a conference. So not so much sitting in front of a desk all day! Firstly there were the inductions to take care of, not the most exciting things in the world but still interesting nevertheless. So firstly there was leading and growing to 2018 which was about seeing how much North Star has grown as a company over the past few years and its aims over then next few, secondly there was fraud awareness corporate induction not the most exciting things in the world but still one of them things you have to learn about.
Then Friday came around at long last, today was different because a group of us within the organisation went to a conference in Leeds called the BIG conversation, apart from it being a struggle to wake up at 6am to get their in time, it was for people that are new into housing to give them more information and a background that we can take into our roles. Firstly we had talkers telling us what would be in store for the day and where we would need to be, from there we participated in an activity where we had to draw what we thought good practice was and display our ideas to everyone else and compare what we came up with.
Our next activity was called the fishbowl sadly no alcohol was involved with this one,  where everyone at the conference separated into two sides and within those would be a group talking talking to either side about their roles and how they got into housing, there were people from across the country attending this event so it was interesting to hear their stories and how they ended up where they are. Just before lunch we had a speaker talk to us about the importance of delivering good customer service and how we can make a difference. Then there was lunch which gave us a chance to network with other people that were attending the conference and get to know them more and keep in touch by using social media and we would be able to go to them if we had any questions or need any advice.
Into the afternoon we had a women called Julie talk to us about her passion with housing and how she has helped changed lives of some homeless people in their time of need, she is an inspiration and I’m sure many people look up to her for what she does and how she helps those less fortunate then herself. We then had another speaker called Chris who talked to us about how an organisation called Crisis help change his life and his story from how he had everything to nothing and the way Crisis helped him through this. Towards the end of the day we contributed our ideas on what we’d want to talk about. We then split into small groups and shared ideas related to the topic so it could help us within our organisations. As the day drew to a close it was then time for more net working so we could build as much as we could whilst there, drinks were also supplied so it was a nice end to an interesting day, I met some good people who had interesting stories and looking forward to my next conference in a few weeks.

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